Wednesday 25 July 2012

Kuay Tod Yod Heng (กล้วยทอดยอดเฮง​) - Fried Banana Shop

Crunchy coconut and sesame batter on the outside, sweet and soft semi-ripe banana on the inside. This oh-so-good snack is another typical street food in Thailand. It's not something I have everyday - deep fried banana fritters are not exactly great for the waistline (even if you're eating fruit!). Once you start, its quite hard to stop!

Kuay Tod Yod Heng (roughly translated as "Very lucky deep fried banana fritters" - I just love the way Thai people name their shops) was first discovered by my father. He was having lunch at his favourite beef noodle shop when he saw a big queue next door. Just like any good foodies, he decided to investigate, and voila, there was Kuay Tod Yod Heng.

From the menu board, it seems they also sell noodles (haven't tried it), but bananas are definitely their specialty. They do grilled bananas as well that also look pretty good (and healthy!). 

...But I was there for the Kuay Tod (fried bananas). Asking the lady owner for her "secret", she mentioned using cake flour. The Kuay Tods were definitely great, with the mild aroma of coconut and sesame in every crunchy bite. The bananas had a firm texture, but still soft and sweet, and not squishy (as you would get in very ripe bananas). She also gave us some deep fried sweet potatoes, but I like the bananas better; and also lots of bits of deep fried batter at the bottom of the bag (yum! - I think this might be the best bit! ). 20 baht/bag.

Definitely very good Kuay Tod, and I'm craving for some right now!

Kuay Tod Yod Heng
Chiang Mai-Doi Saket Road (118) between the Middle Ring and Outer Ring (121) Road, just before PTT Station.
For location on Google Maps, click on the "Location" link below.
Tel: 089 4334571, 081 724 3885

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