Sunday 25 March 2012

Kanom Jeen Baan Rao (69 baht Kanom Jeen buffet!!)

Kanom Jeen

If you'd like to delve a bit more into Thai cuisine, and try something a little different, try "Kanom Jeen". "Kanom Jeen" is actually a type soft noodles made from fermented rice, eaten with curry (there are endless varieties of curries in Thailand!), topped with various kind of vegetables. The noodles are eaten at room temperature, so it can be quite refreshing on those hot days!

There are various kanom jeen buffet places around, and this particular one is called Kanom Jean Baan Rao, and for a whopping 69 baht, you can have as much kanom jeen and curry and dessert and fruits as you like!

Kanon Jeen Ban Rao is a rather nice and clean looking open-air restaurant with a lovely garden in front. First thing you do is go to the counter and pay. Once you've done that, the lady behind the counter will give you a plate, cutleries and a glass. Choose a table, and off you go to have your fill. Get some kanom jeen, and pick your curry. At the time, there are about 8 choices of curries to choose from - and honestly, I have no idea what some of them the best thing to do is to try a bit of everything to see which ones you like best! Don't worry, there are "regular" dishes like green curry as well, but since you're here, you may as well be adventurous and explore! I quite enjoyed the "Nam Ya" - a curry with ground fish and coconut milk.

The Curry Stand

Once you've chosen your curry, the next thing to do is go to the vegies counter and pile on some fresh / blanched / pickled vegies on your kanom jean. These vegies give a nice fresh contrast to the curries, plus a bit of crunch as well.

The vegies stand

At Kanon Jeen Ban Rao, you can also get a couple of snacky vegies - deep fried shredded papaya and deep-fried betel leaves. Very yummy!

Kanom Jeen Baan Rao is definitely a good restaurant - good food, good value & very clean!

2/1 Chotana Road Soi 16
T. Changpeuk, Chiang Mai
Opposite Lanna Golf Course
Tel: 085 038 9820

Watch out for this sign on the main road.

The restaurant - Kanom Jeen Baan Rao

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