Saturday 23 June 2012

Jagajee Tapas Bar

A great dining experience for me is not just enjoying delicious food, it's also the company and great ambience. So it was, a girls' night out at a funky little Tapas Bar on Nimmanhaemin Road, Jagajee….and we all had a great time! 

The Food

"Jagajee" actually means tickling. A board in the bar says, "We are a simple, but true eatery, trying to tickle your taste buds with tapas from fresh seasonal and locally grown products with minimal seasoning to taste the nature of our tapas."

That's actually a pretty good summary of the food - simple, unpretentious, and yummy! Eating at Jagajee is like eating a home cooked meal rather than having something at a fancy restaurant.  There are quite a large variety of small dishes to choose from at the bar, and the friendly waiter (perhaps I should say the tapas bartender?) enthusiastically recommends the Cashew Nut Sweet Pepper Puree  which, as I read here is also the owner chef's favourite. Can't go wrong! ...and yes, it makes a lovely spread on bread - creamy, nutty and slightly sweet. It also goes rather well with the Balkan sausage (at least I think that's what we had!). 

My favourite for the night though, is the eggplants -  a simple dish with rich smoky aroma. Very nice! The german cabbage salad is nice and refreshing - slightly sour, and makes a nice contrast to the other dishes. 

We also ordered some "high end fries" from Barfry next door. These are simply french fries served with various interesting dips. 70 baht each. 

You can see the Jagajee's monthly menu here. Dishes are only 50 baht each - very good value! 

The Bar

Eventhough the food is simple, Jagajee is quite a funky place! The eatery is set up like a bar with only about 15 or so seats and there are no tables as such. It was a bit hard for us 4 chinwagging girls to talk together, but we managed. : D  I think it would be ideal for groups of 2-3 people. 

The bar set up is quite interesting, and it's also nice to be able to chat with other patrons, and also with the wait-staff as they work. 

The Service

The service is fine. Very nice and friendly staff. 

Jagajee is definitely a place I'd recommend you check out. I'll certainly go back to try other dishes!  

Jagajee Tapas Restaurant / Bar
1/1 Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 15
(Jagajee is actually located on the main road, near the corner of Soi 15)
Diagonally opposite Kasikorn Bank
Tel: 081-033 1080

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