Sunday 17 April 2011

Street Food - Pa Tong Go!

"Pa Tong Go" are kind of deep fried doughs that are shaped like an X - please refer to photo! You can find these sold in food carts all around Thailand in the early mornings and evenings (until sold out). Generally, your typical "Pa Tong Go" stalls also sell soy milk, and kaya (pandan leaf flavoured coconut jam - the green stuff! - see 2nd photo).

Pa Tong Go & Soy Milk

Best eaten hot! Freshly cooked, the Pa Tong Gos are crunchy on the outside & soft and steamy on the inside. You can dip them in soy milk, or have them with your pandan leaf kaya. Alternatively, have them with a cup of coffee, or dipped in sweeten condensed milk. Sometimes we take them home to put in our congee - like crutons.

I found this particular stall very interesting. They are located in a little lane near Wororot Market. In addition to your regular "X" shaped Pa Tong Go, they also have Dinosaur Pa Ton Go, Elephant Pa Tong Go and various other animal shaped ones as well!

Dinosaur Pa Tong Go!

Take them home to have with your breakfast, or enjoy them on the footpath!

Patrons enjoying their "Pa Tong Go"

2 bahts for the regular "X" Pa Tong Go, 20 baht for the Dinosaur. : D

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