Sunday 17 March 2013

Sansui Japanese Restaurant (ซันซุย)

The Japanese are serious about their sashimi, and Mr Sumo, Sansui's owner is no exception. He drives down to the seaside town of Rayong (a mere 8 hours drive!) 3 times a month to personally pick out the best fish for his restaurant. With the sashimi here so fresh, it's no wonder many people say Sansui is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Chaing Mai.

The fresh fish comes in generally on the 5th, 15th and 25th of the month. Sometimes this may vary depending on public holidays, etc. If you're also serious about your sashimi, the restaurant will take down your number and give you a call the day Mr Sumo comes back with the catch.

Not only is the fish fantastic, Mr Sumo is such a lovely host too. Each time I've been there, Mr Sumo will come by and have a chat, and offer advice on the finer points of eating sashimi. It turns out I've been doing it all wrong! If you want to know about how wasabi is grown and made, Mr Sumo is also the man to ask.

Other dishes ordered are also very good...

Grilled Squid - I think this must be one of the best grilled squid I've eaten. I've always expected this dish to be a little chewy, but Sansui's version is so tender (at least when I had this particular one, it was). Mr Sumo said that because the squid is so fresh. He also mentioned that fresh squids have lower cholesterol content than less fresh ones - just in case you're concerned about this! LOL

Tempura - Very nicely fried, perfectly crispy and they even gave each person their own bowl of dipping sauce!

Sansui has quite an extensive menu, including various sets, even special sets for children and ladies. Men can also order ladies' sets too (I've asked!).

Sansui Japanese Restaurant
Chiang Mai - San Kamphaeng Road
Opens daily for lunch and dinner
Tel: 053 116 131
(This branch is now closed)

Update: Now moved to:
Rim Tara Residence
265-265/1 Patan Road, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province 50300
Tel: 0 5311 0430
Fax: 0 5311 0431

Mr Sumo's sushi chef

Old style Japanese Restaurant feel 

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