Sunday 12 August 2012

Monkey's Kitchen by Monkey Chef

Don't know what to eat? Tired of the same old beef / pork / tom yum , etc noodles, rice, etc? There is so much good food in Chiang Mai, but sometimes it's nice to have something a little different, something a little more exciting....Monkey's Kitchen to the rescue!

Tom Yum Pizza, Baked New Zealand Mussel with Panang Curry Sauce & Cheese are just some of the interesting sounding dishes on the menu of Monkey's Kitchen - a funky little cafe serving homemade fusion (Asian+Western) style food, located in a soi off Suthep Road, behind Chiang Mai University.

The Food

The waitress recommended the Pizza 30,000 (aka Tom Yum Pizza), which actually was the runner up of the Thailand Global Pizza Challenge 2011. So we obliged and ordered the small pizza (79 baht) - it turned out to be rather cute (ie small), but good as a tasting portion for 2. The taste was a little unusual. Spicy BBQ sauce came to mind. I did begin to appreciate it more after the 2nd piece, and quite enjoyed the 3rd one (there were 6 pieces altogether).

Next came the salad. Monkey's Kitchen has quite a few varieties  including Ceasar Salad, Green Salad with chicken, Japanese Seaweed salad, etc. We were after something light, so just asked for a salad with only vegetables. There are a variety of dressings to choose from such as Balsamic Dressing, Honey Mustard Dressing. Chilli Lime Mayo sounded interesting - mayonnaise with lime juice and green chillis. The vegies (and apple slices) were nice and fresh. The dressing wasn't something to write home about, but was pleasant enough. Slightly too sweet.

The third dish was Manhattan Chowder Spaghetti, which looked and tasted very nice.  The sauce was tomatoey and slightly creamy, but not overly so. The seafood was fresh. Nicely done.

There were other dishes I'd love to try. I've heard that dishes such as Salted Fish Spaghetti, Dried Tom Yum Spaghetti, amongst others, are all very nice. Perhaps next time I'm in the area.

The drinks are pretty creative here as well, especially mocktails such as Blue Island (coconut water with butterfly pea flowers infusion) - 39 baht - would have loved to try it, but they were out of coconut. LOL. So I ended up having Pink Kiss (lychee juice with pomegranate syrup), which was refreshingly sweet on a hot day.

The Cafe

The cafe has, well..., a monkey theme with cute and cuddly monkey soft toys around the place. There are only a few tables here, and they are comfortably spread out. Comfy lounges would have been nice, but the wooden seats / tables are fine. I rather like the fake grass carpet!

The Service

Friendly staff, but the food came out rather slowly!

The Verdict

Nice restaurant, nice interesting homemade style food. Very comfortable and funky setting. Worth a try if you're in the area.

Monkey's Kitchen
Facebook Page: Link
Off Suthep Road behind Chiang Mai University
(See Map by clicking "location" link below)
Opens daily (except Mondays)
Lunch: 11am-2:30pm
Dinner: 5pm-10pm
Tel: 080 5051132

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