Wednesday 21 September 2011

Chef Steak - Steak Buffet!

I've done a couple of posts on salad restaurants (Salad Concept & Coco Salad), but sometimes one just feels like having...lots of meat! So, off we went to the newish "Chef Steak", a local style eatery (open air restaurant on the side of the road) serving steak buffets currently at only 139 baht/person. Bargain!

Arriving at 6pm, the place is almost packed. There's a big BBQ on the right, full of pork and chicken "steak" (very tasty, some of it isn't cooked well enough - just have to ask the BBQ guy to re-cook. I actually thought he might forget and give away my half-eaten pork to someone else, but it was still there when I went back! ). Next to it, there's a ham-carving table (actually, very nice ham). There's also a salad bar (not bad, but the vegies look a bit tired) and a long table with various other dishes such as potato salad, pasta and soup (very nice).

All in all, I think Chef Steak is very good value, especially since you get so much meat! The owner-chef used to work at Amari Rincome Hotel in Chiang Mai that recently closed. Worth checking out. : )

See map below for approximate location:

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