Friday 12 June 2009

Kon Chom Restaurant

Being so busy lately, I'm limited to trying out restaurants near the office or home. For a while now I've been driving pass this restaurant on the way home. It looked nice and cheerful from the main road (middle ring road), and I finally got there tonight.

It's quite a nice place with a cute little garden. The food (Thai) is quite good too. One of their specialties is the Deep Fried Herbed Tabtim Fish. It definitely looked impressive, and tasted good too.

The Chicken Green Curry was quite tasty, but a little on the salty side. It was pretty good with the roti bread.

The last dish we had was the Nam Prik (chilli dip) with Deep-fried Vegies, which  I haven't had for a while. Their Nam Prik was good but, again, a little too salty. When we mentioned this to the waitress when she asked how we found the food, she took it back to the kitchen to be "fixed", which I thought was nice of her!  It did come back "fixed" (I guess they added more sugar!). The deep fried vegies were rather oily and a bit soggy though. 

We enjoyed ourselves and the meal turned out to be around 450 baht for 3 people. Worth a try.

Kon Chom Restaurant
Middle Ring Road - on the left hand side if you come from Rimping Supermarket (Meechok Plaza) towards Doi Saket Rd. 
Opens everyday 10am-10pm. 

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