Monday 25 July 2011

Lunch at Doi Saket Hot Springs

Eggs freshly boiled (self service!) in the hot spring water, crunchy fried chicken in herbal batter, sticky rice and papaya salad....this is today's menu at a little eatery next to the rice fields at Doi Saket Hot Springs.

Doi Saket Hot Springs is one of those lovely little places waiting to be developed into a tourist attraction. Most people who come here are locals, there are no entry fees to use the "park", and the scenery is quite picturesque - rice fields and mountains in the background, a small stream meandering through. A perfect place for a picnic and enjoy food at the eateries / food stalls.

Doi Saket Hot Springs

There are more or less 3 stalls (and a rather cute looking coffee shop next door - somewhere to try next time!). For now, the fried chicken is what we're here for. We also order some papaya salad (a tasty salad full of Thai flavours - sour, sweet, salty, and spicy) and sticky rice....and fresh eggs to boil in the "egg boiling well".

Doi Saket Hot Springs

It's a rather busy day, and the fried chicken came out rather slowly - but it's worth the wait. Crunchy and herby (possibly from coriander seeds), may be a bit too oily, but the chicken is delicious anyway, and goes down really well with the papaya salad & sticky rice. Mmm finger lickin' good!

Doi Saket Hot Springs

The price is even better! It works out only about 150 baht for 4 people - about 35 baht each! Not bad for such a great meal. : D

Doi Saket Hot Springs (about 40 minutes north of Chiang Mai, on the way to Chiang Rai)
Doi Saket
Chaing Mai

Doi Saket Hot Springs

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