Saturday 14 April 2012

Tipparot Noodle Shop (Beef and Pork Noodles)

Tipparot's Mixed Beef Noodles with Soup
I wouldn't actually say it's the best beef noodles in Chiang Mai, as there are so many good places to go...but I can safely say Tipparot is certainly one of the good ones. The stewed beef is nice and tender, the beef balls are firm and has a nice and chewy texture, and the soup tasty, but not overly so. Actually, I find the soup perfect for my taste -  I don't have to add any condiments (sugar, fish sauce, etc) to the dish except for a bit of chilli/vinegar dip that comes with the noodles. Some people may be interested to know that the soup at Tipparot is not sweet, so it's great for people who doesn't like too much sugar added to their food. If you have a sweet tooth, you can always add sugar! 30 baht/bowl.

If you don't want noodles, you can always ask for the Gaow Low version (as in all other noodle shops). This is basically just meat, vegies and soup without noodles.

The eatery itself is nothing more than a big shack on the side of the road, but it's very clean, and the people making and serving the noodles are nice and friendly. 

Tipparot Noodle Shop
Chiang Mai-Doi Saket Road
Go pass Samyeak (Sansai) Market towards Doi Saket, pass the traffic lights. The eatery is just before Petronas Petrol Station.
Open daily 8am-3pm
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