Sunday 9 May 2010

Khun Churn Vegetarian Restaurant

Chiang Mai is a great place for vegetarians. Most restaurants are very accommodating, and it is very easy to find vegetarian restaurants serving quality food in Chiang Mai. One of these places is the ever popular Khun Churn on Nimanhaemin Rd (Soi 17).

The food at Khun Churn is very tasty, fresh and healthy. This is very different to other vegetarian restaurants I've been to. I must admit, I'm a meat eater, so eating at a vegetarian restaurant hadn't really been my cup of tea, so I didn't go very often! The times when I ate at such restaurants (overseas), I found the food too oily and sweet.

This was actually the first vegetarian restaurant I've been to in Thailand. I've heard a lot of good things about Khun Churn , and a friend suggested it, so why not? I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food, and I enjoyed myself tremendously. I have been back a couple of times!

The "Tofu Cashew Nut" (below) was colourful and scrumptious. It's the vegie version of the ever popular (at least to foreigners) Chicken Cashew Nut. Very tasty, not too spicy (for those who can't take it!) and the water chestnuts gave the dish a refreshing crunch.

The Grilled Mushroom Salad was fantastic too. The grilled mushrooms and had an intense flavour, which was nicely balanced by the fresh salad.

The menu at Khun Churn is very large. However, the restaurant is actually quite famous for its lunch time vegetarian buffet. Great value at only 98 baht per person, including refreshing herbal drinks. There is a good variety of food served as well, including a very good salad bar and a range of Thai food such as som-tum (papaya salad), khao soi (northern curry noodles), various curries and soups. There were too many dishes to try, but one dish that stood out for me was the pumpkin curry. It was very delicious. Tasty, but mild enough to eat by itself without rice.

The restaurant itself is very nice. Simple and comfortable, but still quite stylish. They have a large outdoor dining area, and an air conditioned room as well. Fellow diners consisted of expats (Westerners & Japanese), Thais and tourists.

Khun Churn
Nimanhaemin Soi 17
Chiang Mai
Tel: 053 224 124

Opens: 8am-10pm
Buffet Daily: 11am-2:30pm

Khun Churn's Facebook Page

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