Sunday 17 February 2008

How to Choose a good Thai Restaurant

Here is a good link to an article on how to choose a good Thai Restaurant.
Some tips:
  • Look for a restaurant full of Thai people to get the "real" Thai food.
  • Choose freshly prepared food rather than food that has been lying there for some time. Freshly prepared foods are less likely to cause stomach problems.
  • Look for restaurants with clean (non-greasy) tables and floor. If tables and floors are clean, it's likely that the restaurant is concerned about hygiene.
  • Look for the "Clean food Good Taste" logo. The  project was initiated to promote quality food and to ensure food sold is hygienic and safe to eat.  To qualify, restaurants/food stalls need to achieve certain food preparation standards like: clean eating utensils; produce washed before cooking, "cooks" wear aprons and head covering; not using one chopping board for everything; covering of cooked foods; clean ice, etc

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