Tuesday 21 June 2011

Wasana Gaeng Pak Tai (Wasana's Southern Curry)

As lunchtime approaches, I catch a whiff of Southern Fried Chicken (Thai style!) from the Southern Thai food restaurant behind the office. The smell of deep fried garlic and herbs used to marinate the chicken is too much, and our salivary glands instantly go into overdrive! Next thing we know, we're on our way to this simple (and a little grubby) restaurant.

Today's menu

Several pots are already set up in the front table. This is today's menu - various types of curries, including Escargot Curry, which I wasn't too game to try out!

Escargot curry?

Ah, and here is what we come for - one of the yummiest fried chicken...ever. The chicken is marinated with a secret recipe of herbs and spices, as well as heaps of garlic. Actually, my favourite is the crunchy and quite salty deep fried garlic pieces. We often do take away, and go over to the market and buy some sticky rice to go with the chicken (and garlic!). Delicious!

Fried Chicken - Southern style!

This time, we opt to eat in. We also try this excellent and extremely spicy pork ribs curry. Warning! The food here is great, but almost every dish in this restaurant is extremely spicy!

For some great very spicy southern curry (and fried chicken), Wasana Gaeng Pak Tai is a good place to check out!

Please note: This restaurant isn't the cleanest! Eat there at your own risk!

Wasana Gaeng Pak Tai
Ruamchoke Market
Mae Jo Road

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