Thursday 8 January 2009

Mitmai Yunnanese Restaurant

Pork leg stew and mantou

Mitmai Yunnanese Restaurant is quite an institution in the centre of town. Opened 30 years ago, the restaurant has been featured in quite a few publications, including the Lonely Planet. The food is certainly quite good there, and is worth going if you feel like some Chinese food, or have a break from Thai food!

Don't expect that your dishes will be rushed out quickly though, because we had to wait a little. When we were there was only one waitress serving 3 tables.

The waitress recommended Ka Moo with mantou (Pork stew in five spice and chinese steamed buns) - The pork leg was good, and not too much fat, but what made it special was dipping the mantou in the sauce. We had both the steamed mantou and the deep-fried version, and decided that both were good. The steamed mantou was smooth in texture - not the best I had, but certainly right up there. The deep-fried mantou was great, and very nice when dipped in the sauce.

We also had Deep-fried Chinese Mushrooms (very nice and tasty), Stir-fried Chayote shoot (also very nicely done) and a dish called Tom Som Yod Ma Praw (Coconut shoot with prawns in spicy and sour soup). The soup was quite different, and perhaps needs a bit of getting used to. I noticed later that the soup is also listed a "to try" item in the Lonely Planet. I, however, would recommend it only if you feel a bit adventurous and want to try something a bit different. Don't get me wrong, the soup wasn't bad, and I can probably get to like it - it just had an interesting flavour!

The total bill came to a reasonable 550 baht for 5 people (no alcohol).

If you've been to Mitmai, please let us know what you think via the comment section below. What dishes would you recommend?

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42/2 Ratchanmakha Rd, Muang, Chiang Mai
Tel: 053 206253


foodbin said...

ka moo with mantou looks delicious

Ktizo said...

At last, managed to find the restaurant. The location marked on that map is wrong. It should be further down the road after the traffic light. The food is nice and simple, more like home cooked food and definitely child friendly. It will be our next family restaurant other than Gia Tong Heng.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful food here. #69 minced pork with ginger exceptional. #99 thin noodle with egg and vegetables delicious. Also love the pork leg stew. And deep fried manto is addictive. I also found it difficult to find based on the address, but from Moon Muang, walk down Ratchamankha, past Lost Books, and the Wat that follows. Mitmai is immediately past the Wat, directly opposite La Fontana Italian restaurant. The atmosphere is nothing fancy, but they have numerous wall and ceiling fans to keep the heat at bay, and delicious, inexpensive food, with most dishes around 65 baht, meat dishes slightly higher. Yum. Highly recommend.


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