Friday 2 January 2009

8 Recommended Thai Restaurants to try in Chiang Mai

There are so many wonderful restaurants in Chiang Mai. Here are my personal suggestions of places try during your vacation in Chiang Mai. It's not in any particular order - just what comes first to mind. By the way, I don't get paid by the restaurants, just writing about places I enjoy going to. Hope you will enjoy them too!

If you have suggestions or recommendations yourself, or any comments on the restaurants on the list, please make a comment!

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Saenkham Terrace

Mushroom som-tam salad

Fantastic Thai & Northern Thai food. The restaurant is nicely decorated in Lanna style and overlooks Doi Suthep Mountain. Fine dining experience in warm and friendly atmosphere. Some dishes to try: Deep-fried shiitake mushroom (really, really nice!), Pad Thai, Mee Grob (Thai crispy noodles), Green Curry - order some roti with it.

Price range: 100-200 baht per dish

Location: Nai Fan Village Club House (Canal Road - towards the south). Tel: 053 838 990

There's another branch at Hillside 2, 183 Nimmanhaemin Rd, Chiang Mai

Ruan Pae II

Fish cake

This Thai restaurant is next to a lake on the 2nd Ring Road. Decor quite simple and you'll be sitting in plastic chairs. Lovely lake views and relaxing atmosphere though, and very nice food. Try: my favourite - Gaeng Som Pla Chon (deep fried serpent head fish in spicy & sour soup), Nam Tod (deep fried pickled pork), Tod man pla (Thai fish cakes).

Price: 50-100 baht per dish

Location: 2nd Ring Road between Ruam Chok Plaza and Mae Rim intersection. Tel: 053 115 194

There's another branch (Ruan Pae I) near San Kamphaeng Rd, so this would be an ideal stop for lunch if you're over that way shopping.

Satesinlp Restaurant (lunch)

Yummy satays

This is one of my favourite lunch time restaurant. Satesinlp (pronouned Satesin) is an open air garden restaurant. Air-conditioned rooms also available. The menu offers standard Thai lunch time dishes - various noodle and rice dishes - pad thai, various fried rices, etc, as well as yummy appetisers. Meals are simple but high quality and delicious! They've recently extended their menu - more of a reason to keep going back! If you're worried about hygiene, don't. It's super clean.

Price: most dishes are about 45 baht, but can be up to 100 baht.

Location: San Kamphaeng Rd - another ideal place to go when you're out that way shopping.

Pongyang Ang Doi

Gaeng Hung Lay - Burmese style pork curry

This is the place to go if you're in the Mae Sa area. The restaurant is in the Pongyang Ang Doi resort. It's an open air restaurant overlooking a waterfall. Wonderful atmosphere! The food is great too. My favourite is the Deep fried sun-dried pork strips - a Northern Thailand dish. They make it so well the pork is lovely and tender. Gaeng Hung Lay (Burmese Pork Curry) is also very nice here - tastes very different to the other restaurants.

You'll be able to go down to explore the waterfall as well.

Price: dishes are around 100 baht up.

Location: Mae Rim. Tel: 053 879 151


Crispy Morning Glory Salad

This is fast becoming one of my favourite restaurants. Extensive menu with modern Thai cuisine as well as traditional dishes. Great food and great atmosphere (and great price!). See our review.

Price: most are around 60-85 baht

Location: 2nd floor, Nim City Daily (near Airport Plaza) Tel: 053 201 788

Hong Taew Inn

Naem Tod, Hong Taew Restaurant, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nice Northern Thai restaurant with nostalgic 20s setting on trendy Nimanhaemin Road. Great place for dinner or lunch. Try the Pomello Salad, Fried naem (deep fried pickled pork).

Price: around 80-100 baht per dish

Location: Nimanhaemin Road opposite Nimanhaemin Soi 1. Tel: 053 218 333

Lemon Tree

Nice and bright restaurant with yellow and blue theme. Great food and great value! Try Gaeng Paa Luk Tung Gai (Jungle curry with free-range chicken) - warning- very spicy, but delicious!; Stir-fried vermicelli with salted egg.

Price: 65-140 baht per dish

Location: 26/1-2 Huay Kaew Rd, not too far from the shopping centre. Tel: 053 222 009

Ban Suan Mae Rim

Prawn spring rolls

Charming restaurant by the Ping River with great views. They also do Western food and Western/Thai Fusion. The food is great and the restaurant played host to the Thai Royal Family and President of Singapore.

Price: around 150 baht-1000 baht per dish. A little bit pricey, especially for Chiang Mai, but worth it.

Location: North of city by the Ping River (access via 2nd Ring Road near Mae Rim exit). Tel: 053 854 169

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