Sunday 18 January 2009

Him Restaurant

This Thai-Chinese Restaurant is our "second kitchen" - basically because we often go there because the food is great & it's very close to our house! This is an open-air restaurant in front of a Moo Ban (village) and right next to a nice pond. Service good & friendly. The furnishings are quite simple, but the ambience is nice and relaxing. Air-conditioned rooms are available.

Let's get right into the food that we ordered last time we were there. 

Pla Chon Gaeng Som (Deep-fried Serpent-head Fish in Thai Sour Curry)

This is a delicious dish & Him makes it so well, and full of flavour and not to sweet. The whole serpent head was deep fried and covered the Gaeng Som.  I prefer Gaeng Som to Tom Yum because of Gaeng Som's more intense sour and sweetness and explosive flavours. Tamarind gives the soup the sourness and palm sugar, the sweet taste. For those not used to the spiciness, I'd advise you to take it easy. Although my taste-buds are savouring the flavours, my stomach often can't take it and I often get a bit of a stomach upset afterwards...but it's worth it!

Curry Crab

It's a little hard to find nice crab dishes, but Him does this dish quite well. The soft-shelled crabs were stir-fried with onions, shallots, eggs and curry powder. The texture was also just right - not too dry or too soggy. 

We also had Stir-fried snow-pea shoots in oyster sauce - nicely done and veggies nice and crispy. We also had Deep-fried Pork & Prawn dumplings served with Plum Sauce (Hoi Jor) - quite good too.

Other dishes to try at Him:
  • Steamed fish in soy sauce (very nice with wide, flat rice noodles) 
  • Nam Prik Rong Reur (Chilli Dip with vegies) 
Him restaurant is on the Third Ring Road between Doi Saket Road and San Kamphaeng Rd. If you're on San Kamphaeng Rd shopping, you'll be able to visit this restaurant quite easily. 

See map for exact location. 
Him Restaurant Website
Phone: 053 293 068

Approximate price: We spent 540 baht for 4 people (no alcohol).  

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Anonymous said...

Pla chon (snakehead carp) is my favorite dish in Thailand. It is usually kept live till before cooking so it's very fresh. Pla chon lui suan (cooked with thai herbs and chilli) and pla chon daed dieow (sundried and fried) are also my favorite.


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