Sunday 22 April 2012

Nopakhun Pochana (นพคูณโภชนา) - Now Closed

Pad Krapraw with fried egg
Nopakhun Pochana is your typical Thai lunch time restaurant that serves one dish meals (fast food - Thai style!).

"One dish meals" include things like fried rice, rice dishes with various kinds of toppings, noodle dishes like pad see ew or pad thai, etc. Generally in most places, you'll get your meal within 5 min or so of ordering (may be 10 min or a bit longer if the eatery is very busy).

I've been to Nopakhun Pochana several times. It's a relatively new eatery that opened up in the new section of Ruamchok Market (behind Meechok Plaza). It's nice and clean, and only has a few tables. Also of note, the servings are very big compared to eateries at Meechok Plaza (may be lower rent might have something to do with this). Most of the dishes are around the standard 30 baht mark. There is quite a large variety of dishes available here as well.

Pad prik kaeng

As I enter Nopakhun Pochana, I notice Moo Krob (crispy pork) which look enticingly good! Now crispy pork (due to high fat content, and me trying to be health conscious) is not what I would usually order, but I couldn't resist. A bit of crispy pork fat won't kill me...I just have to walk a little more! lol. Crispy pork pad krapraw (crispy pork stir-fried with basil leaves) comes to mind, but I spied another option - Pad prik kaeng with snake beans. Pad Prik Kaeng is prepared by stir-frying red curry paste with meat and vegies. It turns out to be great. The consistency of the curry is just right - not too dry, not too runny - just enough to spread over all the rice.  I am not disappointed with the crispy pork either - the skin nice and crispy, and there are plenty of it in the dish too. The chef certainly is quite generous! The serving is huge and I couldn't stop eating even if I was quite full as it was so good. May be it's not a good place if you're on a diet!

Other dishes available include: Pad Krapraw pork / chicken / beef / seafood with fried egg; fried rice; chicken stir-fried with ginger; panang chicken / pork; various noodle dishes.

Nopakhun Pochana
Shop D16, Ruamchok Market
Opens 9:30am-6pm

PS. This is my 100th post! : D

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koo hung said...

congratulations on your 100th post. keep up the good work.

koo hung said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. Keep up the good work,\.


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