Tuesday 3 April 2012

Good Morning Chiang Mai

Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe

Lazy Sunday mornings are sometimes hard to find, but what a better way to spend it than lazing around with friends in the lovely garden of  Good Morning Chiang Mai, a cafe tucked away in a quiet soi (lane) off Rachamankha Road right in the Old City.

Arriving for brunch, a friend and I ends up staying for lunch as well, as we wait for other friends to join us. So it is...brunch and lunch at Good Morning Chiang Mai.

The breakfast menu comprises of goodies like various types of pancakes (buttermilk, gingerbread, etc); various eggs - classics like fried, poached on croissant or toast, various types of omelets. Not feeling very hungry (yet), I opt for their homemade granola (very nice, by the way, with lots of nuts and seeds) and shar an organic sencha tea (very good) with my friend. Looking around, I notice many other patrons enjoying their eggy breakfasts and they look pretty good!

Homemade granola 
As a couple more friends arrive, it's time to order lunch! Good Morning Chiang mai doesn't have a huge lunch menu, but they do have the usual Thai lunches (eg. Pad Thai, fried rice, etc) as well as sandwiches and burgers.

I decide to have a roast pork burger. True, it doesn't look too exciting, but it's actually quite nice and has a homemade feel. The pork has been specially marinated in a kind of smokey flavoured BBQ sauce. Not bad.
Pork Burger
Good Morning Chiang Mai is a lovely cafe to enjoy a meal. The food there is pretty good, and the cafe has a very nice ambience. The garden is nice and relaxing. There's even an above ground pool for the kids (or adults) to jump in on hot days! The wait staff are very nice, but we find that they tend to about us bit - perhaps because as we were sitting in the garden and they couldn't see us? Oh well, it's kind of a chill out place so why get upset?

Nice garden setting, even has a pool! 
Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe
29/5 Rachamankha Soi 6
T. Phra Singh, Chiang Mai
Tel: 057 278607

Make sure you watch your kids!!! 

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