Friday 25 November 2011

10 Thai dishes to try other than Pad Thai

So you've been in Chiang Mai (or Thailand) for a few days, and you've already had your fill of your favourites - Tom Yum, Green Curry Chicken & Pad Thai. Ready to try something new? Here are some delicious dishes to try:

1. Pad See Eiu 


This is one of my favourite Thai lunch time dishes (one of many, lol). Pad = stir-fried; See Eiu = Soy Sauce. Wide rice noodles are stir-fried with garlic, chinese broccoli, meat (chicken, pork, etc), egg and dark soy sauce, which gives the noodles a rich, brown colour and sweetish taste. You can add chilli,  sugar, and/or fish sauce at the table to your liking. Sometimes served with a wedge of lime as well.

2. Khao Kha Moo 


Khao = rice ;  Kha Moo = Pork leg. Khao Kha Moo = Stewed pork leg on rice. Pork leg is boiled with sweet soy sauce, and various herbs and spices such as cinnamon, coriander seeds and star anise. The result is delicious, deeply flavoured, tender pork. Served on rice with gravy, chinese kale (or pickled vegies) and boiled eggs (optional).

3. Gai Yang  


Gai Yang = Grilled chicken. The can be found everywhere and lots of street stalls sell it. Usually eaten with sticky rice and Som tum (see below).

4. Som tum 

Som Tum (Papaya Salad) 
Som tum, or papaya salad. Very refreshing & tasty salad. Papaya is pounded together with palm sugar, fish sauce, lime juice and chillis. Som tum is often eating with grilled chicken / pork, and is a good accompaniment for heavier and richer dishes.

5. Lad Na 

This is a noodle dish where noodles are pan fried first then poured over with a thick gravy made by simmering meat (pork, chicken, beef, seafood...) with chinese kale, garlic, pepper, soy bean paste, and sauces like oyster sauce, soy sauce. I like to add a bit of vinegar and chilli sauce (can be found on your table) to add a bit of kick. Look for vendors who make lad na fresh (not vendors who use pre-made gravy - not as nice!).

6. Khao Moo Dang 

Khao = Rice; Moo Dang = Red BBQ pork. Rice is served with sliced BBQ pork, and covered with sauce / gravy.

7. Khao Mun Gai 

"Kao Mun Gai"  

 Mun = fat; Gai = Chicken. Khao Mun Gai rice is cooked in chicken broth, resulting in delicious and fragrant rice, especially when served steaming hot. Chicken slices are then placed on the rice, and garnished with a couple of sprigs of coriander & some cucumber. Served with soy bean sauce (can be spicy).

8. Pad Krapraw


Krapraw = basil. So, this is stir-fried meat (usually minced chicken or pork) with basil, garlic, chillies, fish sauce and vegies. Very tasty! I love mine with a fried egg (runny).

9. Khao Soi (Northern specialty) 


These are noodles in a rich curry broth, topped with crispy noodles. You'll also get a plate of picked vegies and shallots to add to your noodles. You can usually choose between beef, chicken, or tender pork ribs. Don't miss it when you come to Chiang Mai!

10. Sai Ua - Spicy Chiang Mai Sausage (Northern specialty)


These are Northern Thai pork sausages filled with herbs and spices, grilled over charcoal. You can find these in any market in Chiang Mai. Suggestion: go on a sausage mission to find your favourite Sai Ua!
Sai Uas are usually eaten with sticky rice, green chilli dip, and pork crackling. are 10 dishes to try when you come to Chiang Mai (or Thailand). Do you have any suggestions? What are your favourite Thai dishes?

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Sweets for all! said...

Wow I only just found your blog and I LOVE it! Your reviews are fantastic, so helpful for me who is here for just 7 days. Clearly it's not enough time to try all the beautiful places that you have talked about. Do you have some firm favourites that you would recommend for someone with limited time (and I would say my chilli tolerance is considerably lower than yours). The most spicy Tom Tum Gai I've had so far was at Hot Chili in the Old City, it was delicious but right up at the uppermost edge of my chili tolerance! I think your blog is the closest thing I've come to finding something like Urbanspoon which I use ALL the time back in Australia. Thanks so much for writing your blog :-)

Unknown said...

@ Sweets for all! Wow, thanks for your kind comment! I'll be doing a round up of my firm favourites soon. Thanks for the idea! : ) Alice

Kelvin Chong said...

I just came by when i am finding some interesting places for my CM trip this Nov.
This blog is great! and i hv noted several cafes and restaurants in Nimman.
and i particularly like this entry, "try other ..."

Tom said...

love your reviews!
I realize how difficult it is trying to spell a foreign language phonetically.
But I'm afraid your spelling of "Pad Krapraw" isn't going to get anybody anything but a confused look. :)
Pad Ga-Prao, Pad Kra-Pow, Pad Gra-Pao, all stand a much better chance than anything ending with "aw".


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