Friday 6 March 2009

Ridgley's (now closed)

Touted by many expats as having "the best pizza" in Chiang Mai, I simply had to check it out and I was certainly not disappointed. Not sure if it's the best in town, but it's certainly right up there, and the price is very reasonable too.

The restaurant itself is quite small, but has a cosy, home-like feel. Interestingly, Ridgley's has an open kitchen, right at the front door. It's quite nice being greeted by the kitchen staff as you walk into the restaurant.

Although I had an idea that the pizza was good, I also wanted to see what else was on the menu, and I was pleased to find that "French Fries" was spelt correctly! Thai restaurants serving Western food often spell it "French Fried". : )

Other things on the menu included various salads, sandwiches, burgers and pastas. The desserts, ice-cream and shakes all look very indulgent! If you have tried them, please let us know how they are!

This is what we had:

Bruchetta! I haven't had these in a while! ...and they were pretty good.

Yes, I love my salads. The mixed salad was great! The serving was quite big and the large size was very reasonably priced at 79 baht. The garlic-vinaigrette dressing was rather interesting though - we didn't really expect a tomato-sauce look alike dressing, but it was nice.

This is the Sweet & Spicy BBQ Pizza - yum! Very nice and not oily base. Loved the BBQ sauce (?) on the pizza and the Jalapenos peppers were a nice touch. (205 baht for the medium size)

I was hoping for a bigger range of pasta - there were only two. We opted for the Spinach & Chicken Alfredo - nice and creamy. (119 baht)

It turned out to be a very nice and hearty meal. The service was very good and the staff attentive. The food came out rather quickly, much faster than expected. On the way out, we saw the BBQ Spare Ribs being prepared - looked delicious - so I guess having the kitchen by the door as we walk in and out was a good idea afterall. We will definitely try this when we go back next time!

The whole meal came to around 475 baht for 4 people! Fantastic value!

For a map, check out Ridgley's website. 053 490 846
Mon-Sat 11:00-21:00, Closed Sundays

If you've been to Ridgley's, let us know what you think!

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Anonymous said...

ridgley's is awesome! my husband and I went to CM over Christmas and were delighted to find that they had real southern-style sweet tea (all you can drink!), amazing cheesecake, and awesome pizzas! We had their spinach dip and it was amazing. Another thing that was amazing were the ribs!!! We had a few of the meat pizzas and they were incredible. And all for very affordable! We would most assuredly go back! We went several times while we were there, and its worth the commute if you think its kind of out of the way!

Anonymous said...

Hands down the best burger in town - and while this is a subjective call, it is completely and thoroughly researched!

Anonymous said...

They've got the best ribs I've had anywhere, including the U.S.A. Not a bad price either. And the deserts . . . both the shake and the ice cream with a (giant) cookie . . . were wonderful.


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