Sunday 1 March 2009

Khao Soi Farham (Hang Dong Branch)

This branch of Khao Soi Farham is conveniently situated near a market just before the road that leads to Baan Tawai Woodcarving & handicraft village. The open air restaurant is quite nice and spacious, and importantly, clean!

The Khao Soi itself is not too bad - not as tasty as Lumduan and Samoer Jai. I found the soup spicy, but not very tasty. The good thing is this place offers self-serving condiments and veggies - so you can get as much as you want of these buffet style. 

We also tried Kanom Jean Nam Ngiew ( Kanom Jean or Somen noodles topped with a fishy curry with pork ribs). Normally, I don't really enjoy this dish, but this restaurant does it quite well and it was delicious! We initially ordered one dish to share/try and ended up ordering another one! Just a word of warning though, this is a rather acquired taste, but a more adventurous foodie may want to give it a try, or you may want to order one to try with the others on your table to see if you like it. : )

Dishes were from 30 baht, so pretty good value! 

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