Sunday 29 March 2015

Rustic and Blue - Handgrown Produce and Artisan Food

This artsy cafe in Nimman Soi 7 is certainly a very charming and inviting place. The decor is rustic and oozes warmth, and there's a large backyard with outdoor seating, comfy looking sofas and even teepees!

There's a whole wall of various kind of fragrant tea blends, created by the owner of the cafe. (The cafe used to the a tea shop). I didn't get a chance to try the tea this time, but will definitely come back to try some.

My friend and I dined indoors in the air-conditioned room that warm evening, but the other patrons chose to eat outside in the garden.

The menu is quite interesting and unusual, like the Duck Prosciutto Crostinis with Mango Black Tea jam. I'd be really interested to see what this 'mango black tea jam' tastes like. I might try it next time.

This time, we opted for the Rustic Warm Brie Salad, which turned out to be really lovely - a whole heap of various super fresh mixed green veggies; still slight warm grilled pumpkin, bell pepper, and zucchini; various seeds eg. pumpkin, sunflower and chia; topped with cereal. I've never had cereals in my salads before, and it added a nice and chewy texture. The dressing was lovely too. The menu said "home made jam dressing" - which I thought would be sweet, but it wasn't at all - it was like an oil based dressing with orange juice - quite refreshing and uplifting, actually. And the warm brie? A slice of brie cheese was toasted with a slice of baguette which gives a nice contrast to the salad. 225 baht.

The Beef Chilli with Homemade Chorizo & Poached Egg was quite good as well. The beef chilli was nicely made. The chorizo had a deep flavour. I think the best thing though was the poached egg which also it pulled everything together! I piled everything on the toasted baguette and had a bit of everything at the same time... yum! 325 baht

There is also a large selection of drinks to choose from, including craft beers, regular beer, wine (and of course, tea). Rustic and Blue serves breakfast, and also have vegetarian and gluten free dishes like the Gluten-free Chickpea Crust Pizza. 

The prices are on the high side, but at the same time, the food is quite lovely and creatively put together, very different from what you'd get elsewhere. The ambience and service is wonderful as well. I definitely want to go back and try other dishes and drinks.

Rustic and Blue
Nimman Soi 7
(Opposite Hong Kong Lucky Cafe @ De Marche)
Tel: 086 654 7178
Opens: 8:30am-10pm

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