Saturday 13 September 2014

Shanghai Long (Shanghai Dragon) Chinese Restaurant

I remember going to Shanghai Long once before when they first opened at The Harbour about a year ago. The restaurant looked very inviting, and the promise of Shanghai style food in Chiang Mai was rather exciting! Chiang Mai definitely could use another Chinese restaurant. My usual haunt - Jia Tong Heng is great, but it's nice to have a change every now and then!

Interesting enough, Shanghai Long was the first Chinese restaurant I have been to that didn't have chopsticks! (Shock! Horror! Chinese Restaurant without chopsticks!). I even asked the waiter at the time and he said they didn't have any. The food, I remembered, was pretty good though. Not sure if it was Shanghai style, but I remember enjoying it.

Fast forward a year later, I thought I'll give Shanghai Long a try again. This time, The Harbour was really quiet, and the restaurant also not really busy. The chopsticks were there though!.. And the extensive menu looked so great it got our stomachs grumbling.

The first dish - Tokyo Pork Ribs - deep fried pork ribs in a sticky, honey soy sauce. This was really nice. The ribs came sizzling hot, and full of salty sweet flavour. Unfortunately, some of the pieces were still red inside, and we had to send them back to the kitchen. A new serving was promptly made with smaller pieces of ribs (less fat too!). 120 baht.

Seabass Steamed with Soy Sauce - This was nice and the fish quite fresh. I find the flavour of the soy sauce on the mild side. 450 baht

Morning Glory Stir-fried with Shrimp Paste - It was quite good, and the morning glory fresh and stems crispy,  but I thought there was something missing from the dish - not quite sure..may be chillis?  80 baht

Stir-fried Fresh Noodles in Thick Sauce with fish. This looked really good. The "thick sauce" is actually black bean sauce, which gave a nice flavour and fragrance to the dish. Nice noodles, but a little on the oily side. 90 baht.

The Verdict

Shanghai Long is a pretty good Chinese restaurant with a large selection on the menu to choose from. The prices are pretty reasonable, and the ambience is quite nice. Best of all, there's a lot of parking at The Harbour. If you're in the area, it's worth a try.

Shanghai Long
Facebook page
The Harbour Shopping Centre
Huay Kaew Road.
Opens daily: 11am-10pm
Tel: 053 213682-3

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Fredang said...

Hmm, I wonder if this is the same Shanghai restaurant that was here.,98.9780166,3a,54.1y,351.11h,90.83t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sTNyqmVjWK23St0g7oYU_Lw!2e0

Unknown said...

@Fredang I'm not sure.. but could have been because I think they did mention that they moved from another location.


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