Saturday 28 June 2014

Ratsstube German Restaurant

I was very excited to see a flyer in Rimping Meechok Plaza about a new German restaurant that recently opened in Moo Baan Tanawan.

The flyer described the food so deliciously and I was transported back a couple of years ago when I went to Munich & Vienna... German pork knuckle, Vienna Schnitzel, Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce.... Mmmmm.... so of course, I have to give it a try.

First impressions. The restaurant is rather grand and opulent. Filled with antique treasures, Ratsstube feels rather formal, but the wait staff and owner are very friendly and welcoming. The lovely Thai owner explains that she learnt the recipes served at the restaurant from a dear friend who owns Ratsstube Bangkok.

Everything here is home made, including the sausages, mustard and salad dressings.

On with the food!

The German Pork Knuckle is fantastic. Apparently (if I remember what the owner said correctly), the pork knuckle is marinated in pink salt and herbs for several days, then "boiled" at a very low temperature for a while, then frozen. When there's an order, the pork knuckle is taken out of the freezer and heated up slowly, then deep fried (I think). The result is fantastic crispy skin (YUM!), and super tender pork that is pretty much falling off the bone. Served with very nice potatoes and sauerkraut. 490 baht.

To go with all that meat, we need some vegetables! The Mixed Salad with the three home made dressings is also great. Fresh and crispy veggies. The dressings, I think, are Italian, French and Thousand Island. 80 baht.

....and more meat! Mixed Sausage Plate with Home-fries and Sauerkraut. These are all homemade, according to the owner. Very nice, and again, loved the potatoes. 490 baht

There are loads of other dishes on the menu that I'd love to try, like the Vienna Schnitzel - I really want to see as it's as good as the one I had in Vienna (which was amazing)!

The dessert is very tempting too - like the Apple Strudel with Warm Vanilla Sauce... but I was just too full to eat any more.

Thai food is served here as well, but I haven't even looked at the Thai menu.

I must go back!

Ratsstube Chiang Mai
197 Moo Baan Tanawan
T. Sanphiseur, A. Muang, Chiang Mai
Tel: 053 230 388
Mob: 081 640 5884

Tue-Fri 10:30am-2pm & 4:30pm-10pm
Sat & Sun 10:30am-10pm
Closed on Mondays.

GPS location: 18.827712,99.004616

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Gerd Mathia said...

I'm German, much traveled around the globe and living in TH for decades already.
Caught up by your enthusiastic comment I thought I should give it a try, although skeptical having made numerous disappointing experiences over the years.
So I invited 2 friends for a dinner there yesterday (7pm-9pm)
We were the only patrons and it seemed also the only ones in days.
I'm sorry, but can only say that the food was horrible. Light years from being authentic. Even the mustard, very important to enjoy pork knuckles or mixed sausage plates.
I would also not be surprised when the frozen food was heated in a microwave.
However, I would kindly recommend
you better substantiate your comments/recommendations on qualified evidence in the future.
Not to dupe others into an unpleasant surprise.

Unknown said...

Thanks very much for your comment, Gerd. It's good to have a German person's view. I can only repeat what the owner tells me about how the food is prepared, and I thought the food was pretty good, and quite enjoyed it the couple of times I've been there.

Unknown said...

Thank you Gerd, saved us the trip to this place, appreciate your advice.


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