Sunday 9 January 2011

"Khao Tom 1 baht"

After over indulging over the past few weeks over the Christmas and New Year period, Khao Tom (aka rice porridge) is the perfect anti-dote. Khao Tom is very light, it's a good choice to give our stomachs a break! It's very easy, of course, to make at home, but feeling lazy, we headed for "Khao Tom One Baht" restaurant near the office. "Khao Tom One Baht"? Yes, each bowl of these plain rice porridge soups costs only 1 baht!

The catch of course, was the dishes that we can order with the Khao Tom. These range from 60 baht for the simple stir-fried veggies to 120 baht or so for fish dishes. Not the cheapest, considering the small portions - but this allows us to try a variety of dishes, and eat "light" for those who wish to. Steamed rice is also available if you feel the rice porridge won't be filling enough.

The food is tasty, and there are a few interesting dishes such as Thousand year eggs stir-fried with basil leaves, a variation of the "Pad Krapraw". I had this before at a restaurant in Chiang Rai, and it was superb. At the restaurant, though, the thousand year eggs are OK, may be a little too soggy, and nothing to write home about.

These "Khao Tom" restaurants are usually open for dinner till late. This particular one is open till 4am!

The total price for 6 of us worked out to be about 410 baht. We had a lot of cheaper vegie dishes though.

You'll be able to find "Khao Tom 1 baht" restaurants almost everywhere in Chiang Mai. Check it out if you'd like to try something a bit different!

Here's an approximate location!

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