Sunday 15 August 2010

G&M German Sausage

Legend has it that there is a wonderful German Pork Leg place in Doi Saket, Chiang Mai. It's also very hard to find, and I haven't been able to find directions anywhere. This even made us more determined to find this place! So, where is a better place to farewell our French friend from Chiang Mai than going to a German Restaurant?

Off we went - a motorcade of three cars following each other through Thai country villages, lush green rice fields and mountain backdrops. What a journey! After stopping a couple of times for directions, we finally came to a packed car park. Guess we've found the place!

Arriving at nearly noon, there doesn't see to be any tables left for us. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. 170 baht lunch buffet every Sundays would attract a lot of people. Most of the people I see are locals, and a few farangs (Westerners), no doubt local ones.

G&M German Sausage is a sprawling restaurant, and it was rather chaotic with so many patrons and not a lot of staff. It started as a small 3 table restaurant, and I guess as their reputation grew and more and more customers came, they added extra rooms as required. The ambience is more of a (very) local Thai style, also a little grubby and greasy. The rooms and curtains seemed to be quite old, and in need of a good refit. Not at all what I would imagine a German Restaurant would look like. In addition, I think a combination of a very busy period and not a lot of staff made us feel we had to fend for ourselves a bit. I must give the thumbs up to the staff though - they were lovely and did their best to help us.

We all had a pretty good time. After we got our food and settle in, we started to enjoy the various types of sausages made at the restaurant. (There is also a sausage factory on the premises.) My favourite is the spicy sausage, and this reminds me of Northern Thailand's Sai-Ua. G&M's spicy sausage is quite a lot milder than your typical Sai-Ua, but still very yummy.

After a bit of reminding, the staff eventually brought us what we came to the restaurant for - the pork legs. It turned out that these German pork legs were actually deep fried ham...well, that what it looked (and tasted) like to me anyway. Very interesting. Anyway, it was very tasty, especially the crispy outer parts, and even came with a Thai style chilli dip! ...Well, we ARE in Thailand and most of the customers are Thai...

The buffet spread itself wasn't bad - sausages, potato salad, Thai Vermicelli Salad, bread. We even had dessert! You can order Wall's Ice-cream from the staff. Try the lime ice-cream - very tangy and refreshing after the heavy meal.

The best part I guess was the price - only 170 bath per person. I think the experience would have been better if we came earlier - may be about 10am or 2-3pm, when there wouldn't be as many people. Would be quieter on the weekdays too.

G&M German Sausage Restaurant
269 M 4 Muangton, Doi Saket
Tel: 053 840531
Sunday Brunch Buffet - 170 baht/person

And the directions? It's quite complicated! It's off Borsang-Doi Saket Road. I suggest you call for directions! It's part of the adventure!

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