Sunday 11 July 2010

Salad Concept

After reading Chiang Mai Epicurean's review of Salad Concept, I just had to go check it out!

Salad Concept is a cute little salad restaurant on the corner of Nimanhaemin Soi 13. As you can tell from the name, they serve salads. You can design your own and choose from one of their amazing homemade dressings, which include Japanese Soy Sauce, Carrot, French, Pumpkin, Tofu and Tamarind Sesame, or you can choose a salad off the menu. They also serve healthy smoothies and delectable looking cakes.

I had the Grilled Beef Salad which comes with the Japanese Soy Sauce dressing. The dressing was gorgeously tasty and light. The beef was tasty and tender. Notice - no burnt bits - very healthy indeed, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 90 baht

The Organic Tofu Salad looked fantastic too, and again, came with the Japanese Soy Sauce dressing. The tofu were fried with sesame oil. 85 baht.

The meal was nice and light, actually, too light for me, as I was still hungry afterwards. Our party of 5 for some reason, didn't feel like a dessert after the salads so we went off somewhere else for our second dinner.

On my second visit, I tried a design your own salad, and I noticed pasta is available as one of the additions. This made the salad a bit more filling. I also chose grilled chicken. I guess chicken is cheaper than beef, because I got a lot more of it! By the way, the Tamarind Sesame Dressing was great too - light and tangy.

One smoothie also caught my eyes - Banana Brand Smoothie, which contains banana, milk and peanut butter. I actually had this on my second visit. I was expecting a Western style smoothie - rich and creamy, but I was surprised that it was a Thai style smoothie - light and refreshing, blended with ice. I needn't feel guilty! I'm not sure if I can say the same for the dessert though! I didn't try any of the cakes, but I heard that the carrot cake is very good.

What I like about Salad Concept:
  • Lovely, fresh and healthy salads with amazing dressings
  • Dressings served on the side, but we ended up pouring the whole thing into the salad anyway!
  • Delicious and healthy drinks available, including an anti-cancer drink. I'd imagine you'd have to go back everyday and drink it though if you're after the anti-cancer effects!
  • Dynamic atmosphere & quick service
The only little thing I'd mention is that that the tables are very small seating only 2-4. We were a group of 5, and luckily we managed to get one of the bigger round tables. Even then, it was still quite tight - having to fit all the huge salad bowls/plates, napkin dispenser, etc.

Still, it's a great little restaurant to go to if you'd like a vegie fix or feels like something light. It's definitely very popular - Salad Concept was packed both times I was there.

Salad Concept
Nimanhaemin Soi 13
Opens: 11am-10pm
Tel: 053 894 455

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foodbin said...

I think Salad Concept is a good choice for people who like to have a light meal.

Kristian Chiang Mai said...

I just went there today and i liked the food a lot! :)

Life in Chiang Mai said...

We are heading there right now... it is so good, once you get the taste for their delicious salad you just have to keep going back... YUM!

Anonymous said...

Been traveling quite a fair bit across SEA, I personally think that this is really best of the best in this region! Thumbs uppppp!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some really terrible service! Terrible waitstaff, with a awful attitude. Almost as if they are entitled to being shiftless, vacuous, and without personality. Amazing poor quality of work. You could get 6 or 7 well trained staff with a manager to replace the lazy staff they have in place right now.

Food is good, but thats because the recipes are almost impossible to get wrong: Its not cooking, its "combining" ingredients.

Ambience is a plus, but once again, POOR SERVICE MAKES THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE NEARLY TASTELESS. Good luck getting a loyal following of customers when salad drops out of being vogue.

Chiang Mai traveller said...

Usually I prefer a good steak, but Salad concept in Chiang Mai made me full even without eating meat. The salad toppings were absolutely amazing. Go there late afternoon if you want to be sure to get a table


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