Friday 23 July 2010

Lum Lum Korean Restaurant (Re-review!)

Since my last review of Lum Lum, the Korean Restaurant has undergone a transformation. They've now expanded and taken up two shophouses, and undergone a refit. The old favourites are still there, and Korean BBQ is now available with BBQ equipment straight from Korea!

We've been back to Lum Lum several times, and found out that there is actually an art in cooking Korean BBQ! The first time, we were famished, and turned the BBQ heat on high. This resulted in burnt and dry meat. It still tasted good, but with proper instructions from K. Jieb, the owner of the restaurant, we had another go. Medium heat is what's required, and patience! Starving diners need not worry, the BBQ set comes with a set of yummy side dishes, rice, and and a very lovely salad!

We had Pork Shoulder Meat Marinated in Soy Sauce set, and it was very nice indeed. The set was 220 baht the first go, and 180 baht to for refills. You get refills of the meat, and side dishes. Alternatively, you can go for their all you can eat buffet - only 229 baht/person and you have 1 hr 30 min to eat!

Lum Lum is again, highly recommended. Most of the time, lunch and dinner, the place is packed, and I see lots of Korean patrons - a good sign, I think! ...and this also means it's a good idea to book before you come.

The only downside is that it can take a while for the food to come out of the kitchen, especially when they are very busy, so you'll have to be patient. This doesn't apply to BBQ sets of course. These come out pretty quickly.

Lum Lum
206/5 M6, T Faham, A Muang, Chiang Mai
(Meechok Plaza, near Rimping Supermarket)
Tel: 053 853 481

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foodbin said...

with those new equipment, your dress won't get a smokey smell all over it.

Unknown said...

@foodbin - very true!!

estinette said...

you MUST try a korean-chinese restaurant called Godam which is across the street from Chiangmailand off chang klan rd. I've only been in chiang mai for about 3 months but I've been there at least 5-6 times favorite dish there is the tang soo yook (pork dish with sauce). MUST MUST try the tang soo yook!!! please try this restaurant and let me know your thoughts!

Unknown said...

@estinette - Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out soon! : )

Kate said...

Do you know where you can get a vegetarian Chop Chae (sp?) in Chiang Mai?



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