Tuesday 1 December 2009

Talad Nut - Part 1

Having reviewed so many nice restaurants lately, I think it's time to visit something a bit more basic - the local market, well, more precisely, the "Talad Nut". "Talad Nut" are local markets that are held in the evenings and sell everything from clothing, shoes, accessories, and plenty of...food! "Talad Nuts" are usually held once or twice a week in an area. Vendors typically move to different "Talad Nuts" each day of the week. For example, the Somtum (papaya salad) vendor might be at Meechok Plaza (a local shopping centre) on Mondays and Tuesdays, the rest of the week might be spent at other "Talad Nuts", and on Sundays, the Sunday Walking Street (the ultimate "Talad Nut"!).

Here are a few samplings of what you might find to eat at Talad Nuts:

My favourite - Moo Kham Wan - Spicy grilled pork (nice and tender) served with fresh vegies and this super amazing chilli and lime dip. We often keep the dip for use during the week on other dishes like grilled fish.

"Talad Nut" is also the place to buy your dinner! This lady sells various dishes that you can take home in plastic bags.

Here is something that looks rather nicely presented - sausage wrap in bread. Good size for eating on the go while you look around the market.

You can even get sushi! The weather has been pretty cool, but may not be so good in the heat in summer! It's pretty popular though and turn over is pretty quick.

Delicious grilled pork sticks!

Hope you're not too hungry yet! More coming up soon in Part 2!

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foodbin said...

This is just like our pasar malam (night market)-but the food available here is not as appealing as yours-i like the sausage rolls and grilled pork.

Dan F said...

wow.. where in chiang mai is this market?

Unknown said...

@ Dan - Thanks for dropping by. The market is on Mon & Tue nights at Meechok Plaza. I guest you'd find similar markets all over Chiang mai!

Dan F said...

awesome thanks alice!
Is that just north, outside of the city? Were going there for 9 days in october, love the place and don't want to miss anything ;)

Unknown said...

@Dan - More like North east, on the way to Mae Jo. These sort of markets are everywhere though! Hope you have a good time when you come & good luck with you blog - looking good!


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