Friday 11 September 2009

No Name Restaurant, Chiang Rai

Well, it's actually not called "No Name", but they don't actually have a name. It's just called "Food and Coffee House", or something to that effect. It's a quaint little restaurant amongst rice fields, not too far from the beautiful Wat Rong Khun (also known as the "White Temple"). The only sign we saw was that of "Doi Chang Coffee".

What's so great about this place? First of all, the restaurant is very clean, and comfortable. The owners are very welcoming (and speak great English!). The meals are simple and healthy, but also taste great. Don't expect the food to arrive quickly though, because the vegies are freshly picked straight from the restaurant's organic garden before cooking.

While we were waiting, we were served an amazing looking refreshing blue coloured drink. No, it was non-alcoholic! It was actually "Anchan flower drink" - a drink made from anchan (blue pea flowers). Anchan is also the source of natural colouring for blue coloured rice that you may see here in Thailand. The other great thing about this drink is that the restaurant didn't add sugar to it (like most restaurants would).

We ordered a couple of plates of vegetables and steamed fish (which was screaming out to us, "Eat me!"). These were served with a delicious freshly made homemade chilli dip. We also had "Lemon Pork". The pork was cooked in a tangy lime dressing, which was so nice we couldn't help pouring the dressing all over our rice.

Overall, it was a lovely and light meal. The bill for the four of us came to 290 baht- fantastic value!

"Food and Coffee House"
Hwy 1122
From Wat Rong Khun, drive down until you reach Hwy 1122 and turn left.
The restaurant will be about 50-100 m on your right.
Ph:089 9517964

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EatTravelEat said...

Looks fabulous! The anchan flowers I have never heard of before. Such a nice blue color though in the drink! I like that particular shade of blue.

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

I chuckled when I read your post. There is a seafood restaurant here in Singapore (a big name now, with different outlets), which started out w/o a signboard. Everyone who recommended the place to a friend would refer to it as "No Signboard". This has become its official name! I adore food like that ... so homemade and unpretentious and best of all, easy on the pocket! Great post!

Unknown said...

@EatTravelEat - Thanks for dropping by! We have interesting herbal drinks here - also very popular are the lemongrass drink, bael fruit drink and roselle flowers drink (this one is beautiful red!).

@LittleTeochew - Thanks for your comment! Haha "No Signboard Restaurant" sounds interesting! There is a certain charm in such restaurants, isn't there? Also good to have something simple, healthy, delicious and cheap! I must say though, that diners must be prepared to wait at this "No name" restaurant - but then what's the rush, anyway?


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