Saturday 8 August 2009

Khao Soi Samoer Jai

Khao Soi is one of those distinctly northern Thailand dish that you should try when you visit Chiang Mai. Ok, it's not so good for the waistline, but this curry noodle dish is scrumptious!

Today's review is of Khao Soi Sameor Jai, just down the road from Khao Soi Lumduan. This is also no fancy restaurant, and definitely no air-conditioning. It's a simple but fairly large open-air eatery under what is perhaps the family home. The famous/infamous (depending on who you talk to) ex-PM of Thailand, Mr Thaksin was also a regular. One wall is dedicated to pictures of Mr T enjoying Khao Sois here...and yes, they do have great Khao Sois, with the soup creamy and full of flavour. They are also great value at 30 baht each!

My favourite is the pork-ribs Khao Soi, but they also have beef and chicken varieties. Khao Sois are served with pickled vegetables, shallots and a wedge of lime, and topped with crispy noodles. I noticed that Khao Soi Samoer Jai's crispy noodles stayed crispy for a long time, even as I am finishing off.

They also serve some good local food as well. There are stands towards the front of the eatery and you can have a look at the dishes before you order. This is the dessert stand:

Khao Soi Samoer Jai
Faham Road, Chiang Mai
Tel: 053 242 928

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singapore gourmet said...

would love to try the pork rib version

foodbin said...

that was a cheap and great noodle dish-looks so mouthwatering and the dessert-was it grass jelly and chendol?

Unknown said...

@foodbin - Yes, there is grass jelly, and I suppose the Thai version of chendol. The dessert is eaten with ice and coconut milk.

Unknown said...

Hi Alice,

Will be visiting Chiang Mai for this 1st time this weekend. Is this stall open for lunch ? How do I get there by cab ? Going to savour this the moment I touch down this Saturday. Yum Yum...

Unknown said...

Carmen - Yes, open for breakfast & lunch! I'm sure every tuktuk and taxi driver knows about it. It's on a road that runs along the Ping River.

Great time to come to Chiang Mai, right on the Loy Krathong Festival! Hope you have a good time here!


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