Saturday 28 March 2009

Wawee Coffee Shop, Tita Gallery

Wawee Coffee Shops are popping up everywhere! ...Or perhaps they have always been there, but I'd never really noticed! Here's a lovely one in Mae Rim, just across the lane from the plush Four Season's Resort in Chiang Mai, and a great little get away from the hustle and bustle of town. There is a great selection of delicious looking cakes, and the coffee is not bad too. 

At around 70-80 baht per coffee, we were able to soak in a little of the Four Season's atmosphere without the price tag. : )

Here are some photos: 

Tita Gallery
68 Moo 6, Mae Rim-Samoeng Rd, Mae Rim. 053 298373

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Anonymous said...

This place is miserable, coffee are cold, it takes hours to get served and the owner, woman and man are execrable persons. This is the point of view of many people.

Godfree Roberts said...

That's strange. My friend and I got the opposite experience. The people were extremely warm, service was prompt, presentation of the food was charming, and the coffee (I had espresso, which is a good way to judge quality) was better than we'd had in Chiang Mai.

Even the dog was affectionate, which is a pleasant change, since I was bitten twice (once at a temple!) in town.

I wandered around the pretty little gallery and was impressed by the art on display. By California standards, the paintings were a bargain.

And there's probably no prettier setting than their little garden...


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