Friday 24 April 2015

Raw Truckr (Seafood!)

Seafood!! This is not something Chiang Mai is known for, especially being so far away from the sea! Sometimes I dream of biting into a nice juicy prawn, slurping on the fat in the head (well, that's the best bit!) but alas, good prawns are a bit hard to come by.

In comes Raw, a new seafood place (we could always use more seafood places in Chiang Mai!) . They have prawns - river prawns and tiger prawns, NZ mussels, scallops, cockles, squid, fish Andaman oysters, amongst others things. Everything is served raw on some ice, and you grill it yourself on the table.

There are various sets available depending on the number of people in your party - eg. Small (1-2 persons) - 399 baht/set. There large set is 899 baht for 5-6 persons (without oysters) and 1099 baht (High Sea Set) with oysters.

High Sea Set - fresh water prawns, squid, NZ mussel, scallop, spotted babylon,
cockles, razor clams, fresh Andaman oyster 1099 baht

I must say that everything was very fresh and very good quality. I loved the scallops and prawns especially. The river prawns were huge, and I enjoyed eating the head (with all the fat!). The meat was very firm and tasty too. Not disappointed at all! Everyones gets a small plate of the seafood seafood sauce (slightly spicy) and this complements well with everything.

Raw has tiger prawns too (199 baht each or 3 for 299 baht).

If you want extras of anything, you can also order them individually. We ordered extra oysters as everyone seem to enjoy it so much. The rather huge oysters are served with seafood sauce (the green chilli sauce) and fried onions. We poured the seafood sauce on the oysters and let it sit for a while. The oysters are so huge we had to cut it in half to eat it. Again, the oysters are very fresh. 1 for 89 baht, 3 for 249 baht.

Raw does also serve steamed rice (15 baht) and also shrimp paste fried rice (39 baht) if you'd like come carbs to fill you up.

A little warning - you might end up ordering a bit more than you thought you would as what we get isn't really all that filling. Still in our party, the cost worked out to be about 550 baht per person. 

In terms of ambience, I'd say Raw's set up is kind of a street dining with style and a bit like eating at a garden party! They have a stylish looking food truck, and tables set up in a courtyard. There's also a large tent where more tables are set up, which is very handy when it rains!

The staff is very friendly and the young owner very enthusiastic and speaks English well.

The truck

Raw Truckr
Nimman Soi 13
(in the little arcade on the left hand side about 10m from Nimanhaemin Rd).
Tel: 094 847 8118
Opens daily: 5pm-11pm

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