Sunday 8 March 2015

Rock Me Burger & Bar

After seeing some social network feeds of incredible looking burgers with knives through them, I thought to myself, I must go check this Rock Me Burger & Bar out!

Burgers are not something I have very often, I guess because we are in Chiang Mai, and good burgers have been hard to come by. I've noticed though, that there has been some good burger joints popping up around town such as Beast Burger, a food truck in Nimman area which I'd love to try!

Anyway, let's get back to Rock Me Burger!

Rock Me Burger's menu is quite interesting with various signature burgers with awesome names like "Rocking on Heaven" which has 150g of ground beef or pork (yes, pork is also available who those who doesn't eat beef), homemade bun, cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayonnaise. There's also "Rocking in Hell", which has fried eggs and hot basil sauce. There are also other dishes like Crisp Chicken Sandwich with Lemon Sauce and Traditional Fish and Chips on Bun.

They also serve "old fashion" milk shakes, fruit shakes, and various cocktails and mocktails.

I opted for the beef Rock Aloha - a regular burger with grilled pineapple and BBQ sauce. 180 baht. There was a choice of how the beef patty was cooked - rare, medium or well done.

The burger was quite spectacularly presented, as described earlier with a knife going through it, which I guess would be necessary to keep the burgers together! There was also no way I could grab the burger with my hands and look lady like at the same time, as the burger was way too tall, so the knife did come in handy... to eat the burger with knife and fork!

It tasted great, and I enjoyed the sweet and tanginess of the pineapple, and the sweetish BBQ sauce. The beef was of good quality, and didn't have a lot of fat. The tomato based sauce used on the homemade bun was lovely. The burger was served with a nicely fried & crispy onion ring, and some some fries - I really enjoyed the fries / potato wedges, especially when dipped into the sauce oozing out of the burger. Actually, I was very impressed with the fries and though a few more on the "plate" wouldn't go astray!

My friend  went for the Classic NYC Street Hot Dog (130 baht). This is made from a homemade sausage, chopped onion, bun and mustard. It looked very good, and she said it tasted very good too.

Rock Me Burger has a bar outside the actual restaurant, so you have an option to eat there and watch the burgers being prepared, or you can go inside in the large air-conditioned room. The decor is quite simple but does give a vintage kind of feel.

The restaurant is situated on the tourist area of Loi Kroh Rd, at Raming Lodge Hotel, and is next to the popular Chez Marco. There is a parking lot in a little lane just past the restaurant on the right hand side (about 40 baht).

Rock Me Burger & Bar
Raming Lodge Hotel
17-19 Loi Kroh Rd
T Changklan A Muang
Chiang Mai
Tel: 089 8528801
Opens: 11:30am - 12am daily

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