Monday 22 August 2011

Baan Toong Restaurant (Stewed Duck Noodles)

Baan Toong Restaurant

Stewed Duck Noodles (Kuay Tiew Ped Toon) is the order of the day, and we drop by at Baan Toong Restaurant on the way back from a morning at San Kamphaeng Hot Springs. Looking at it now, this noodle shop is almost in the middle of nowhere, next to rice fields, and on New San Kamphaeng (but actually just up the road to Huen Jai Yong!).

The specialty of this restaurant, you've guessed it, is the Stewed Duck Noodles (30 baht - regular; 35 baht for a bigger portion), but they also have other dishes as well - eg. Stewed Chicken Noodles, Pork-Leg with rice, Duck with rice, Stewed Beef Noodles, as well as dishes like papaya salad.

Baan Toong Restaurant

What does the stewed duck taste like, you ask? Well, the duck is stewed in a mixture of spices (five spice powder), and some herbs (like coriander roots and garlic). The soup is very tasty, herby and fragrant, and served with fresh herbs and vegies and crispy pork rinds (yum!). I find the soup a little too oily (from duck fat, I presume) on first tasting, but this is quickly remedied with one or two teaspoonful of the vinegar/red chilli mixture (found on the table). Personally, I think the dish quite interesting, but not really my cup of tea - the herbal taste too strong for my liking.

Stewed duck noodles

Here are a couple of other dishes we ordered - stewed duck wings (quite good) and papaya salad - very nice.

Stewed duck wings, Papaya Salad

I think this restaurant is worth a try if you're in the area. It's very popular with the locals. People who are used to eating Asian food may enjoy it. The restaurant is on New San Kamphaeng Road. Coming from the city, go pass 2nd Ring Road (121) and the road that takes you to Borsang. Keep going until you see Moo Baan Siwilai on your right. Drive for another 300-400 m and the restaurant will be on your left. Please have a look at approximate location on Google Maps:

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